Professor, University of Georgia, Athens, USA

Field: Neurosciences

Research areas: reality/fiction distinction; multidisciplinary perspectives on the imagination; creative cognition; creative neurocognition; mental time travel; self and social cognition; aesthetics   

Relevant publications

Abraham A [Ed] (2020). The Cambridge Handbook of the Imagination. Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 9781108429245.

Abraham A (2015). How social dynamics shape our understanding of reality. In J. E. Warnick & D. Landis (Eds.) Neuroscience in Intercultural Contexts (pp. 243-256). New York: Springer.

Abraham A & von Cramon DY (2009) Reality = Relevance? Insights from spontaneous modulations of the brain’s default network when telling apart reality from fiction. PLoS ONE, 4(3), e4741: 1-9.  PDF

Abraham A, Schubotz RI & von Cramon DY (2008) Thinking about the future versus the past in personal and non-personal contexts. Brain Research, 1233, 106-119.   PDF     Supp Info

Abraham A, von Cramon DY & Schubotz RI (2008). Meeting George Bush versus meeting Cinderella: The neural response when telling apart what is real from what is fictional in the context of our reality. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 20 (6), 965-976.

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